Why Vacant Houses Lose Metals

Scrap Metal Receipt - 2013-02
Scrap Metal Receipt – 2013-02

This receipt from a recent trip to the scrap metal dealer explains everything I’ve read about what happens when “cheap commodities” become “precious metals”…

That having been the case for some years, the weighman now scans your (well, my) drivers license to establish traceability in the event the metal turns out to be stolen, with your ID printed on the receipt. The receipt turns into cash at a fortress-like ATM structure out front, far from the actual metal-handling operation.

Despite having a computerized metal scale below what looks to be a cable modem bolted to the wall of the small-lot bay, EMR has no web presence whatsoever. That’s not yet a crime, but …

Some explanations:

  • B241 = brass plumbing fittings, chrome OK
  • CABL1 = house wiring and other copper-heavy cable
  • CABL2 = electronic gadget cables & connectors
  • C273 = pure copper with no fittings or solder, no enameled wire
  • C275 = copper bonded to any other metal or coated with insulation

We immediately converted those two Grants into a tank of gas and two bags of groceries, so the day came out about even.