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RayTek IR Thermometer: Trigger Switch Replacement

According to the sticker inside, I’ve been using my RayTek IR Thermometer since 2000. At some point in the last dozen or so year, Fluke Borged RayTek, which means yellow plastic instead of gray.

The pushbutton switch behind the trigger has recently gone from intermittent to nonfunctional, but everything else still works fine: some simple surgery should suffice…

The handle has a flip-down cover, for the battery compartment and °C/°F switch, that pivots on molded hinges.  The cover’s hinge pins are rectangular with a slight bevel and the case sockets have a notch that will just clear a properly aligned pin. Given this hint, you’ll get the cover off much faster than I did:

RayTek IR Thermometer - handle joint

RayTek IR Thermometer – handle joint

Remove the obvious screw and press the latches while prying the two halves apart. A small screwdriver helps persuade the latches to release their death grip:

RayTek IR Thermometer - case latches

RayTek IR Thermometer – case latches

The parts heap didn’t have any suitable through-hole pushbutton switches, but I managed to solder an SMD switch in place; the original switch is parked atop the IC for reference. Yes, the white button is slightly taller than the original black one, but it doesn’t matter:

RayTek IR Thermometer - new switch installed

RayTek IR Thermometer – new switch installed

Then it’s just a matter of tucking everything in place:

RayTek IR Thermometer - contents

RayTek IR Thermometer – contents

There. That was easy.

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