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LAW Lifetime Member Plaque: Rejuvenation Thereof

The brass plate from this plaque rattled down the basement stairs(*) a while ago:

League of American Wheelmen plaque

League of American Wheelmen plaque

As you might expect, the adhesive failed and has been replaced at least once. This time, I drilled a pair of 2-56 clearance holes in the plate, match-marked the wood with a punch, drilled a pair of tapping holes, and put it all back together.

There’s not much to see, but I’m pretty sure that plate won’t fall off ever again:

League of American Wheelmen plaque - detail

League of American Wheelmen plaque – detail

The lacquer finish has begun disintegrating, but I wasn’t in the mood to strip-and-restore that. The tile remains firmly affixed; when that falls out, it won’t be pretty.

The LAW long ago morphed into the League of American Bicyclists, after deeming Wheelmen as too gender-specific for the modern era.

(*) We hang plaques, certificates, diplomas, and suchlike on the walls beside the basement stairs. Every time we pass by, it’s an Ego Trip…


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