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Lenovo Q150 VESA Mount Hackage

A permutation of our *cough* computing resources put the diminutive Lenovo Ideacentre Q150 flat on a desktop, where it was at risk of falling off due to the weight of the cables. It came with a VESA monitor mount bracket designed under the assumption that monitor manufacturers would provide an unused VESA socket and a completely separate desk stand mount, which turned out to be incorrect for all of the monitors in my collection. The IBM (pre Lenovo) monitor it was now driving, however, had exposed screws on its VESA mount, so I adapted a quartet of hulking standoffs to hold the Q150 far enough away to clear the desk stand.

One end had 4-40 tapped holes that I drilled out to clear the VESA mount’s M4x0.7 screws; I sawed the heads off four M4 screws and epoxied them in place. The other end had 8-32 studs that I cut down to fit inside the Q150’s dished mounting bracket:

VESA Mount - standoffs

VESA Mount – standoffs

Working around the mount, one standoff at a time, avoided having to lay the monitor flat on the desk:

VESA Mount - standoffs on monitor

VESA Mount – standoffs on monitor

A bit of jiggling put the bracket on the standoffs, held in place by the 8-32 nuts:

Lenovo Q150 VESA Mount on monitor

Lenovo Q150 VESA Mount on monitor

And then the Q150 snapped into place:

Lenovo Q150 - on VESA Mount

Lenovo Q150 – on VESA Mount

It’s captured by a thumbscrew in the bottom left corner (visible in the previous photo), so it can’t fall out.

Took longer to take the pix and write this up than to finish the project… probably because there wasn’t a trace of CNC in sight.