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Cheap LED Flashlight Switch Disassembly

The pushbutton switch on the end cap of a cheap LED flashlight became intermittent, for reasons that should be obvious:

LED Flashlight switch - intact

LED Flashlight switch – intact

Pulling the spring contact out revealed the usual situation inside:

LED Flashlight switch - spring removed

LED Flashlight switch – spring removed

I thought that the discolorations around the central plug indicated a solder joint between the two, but the scratches showed that the plug was actually a press-fit plastic cylinder. Having nothing to lose, I pried the rubber dome off the outside of the switch, balanced the cap’s outer rim on the bench vise, centered an aluminum cylinder over the switch post, and gave it a hammer shot:

LED Flashlight switch - guts

LED Flashlight switch – guts

It appears the Basement Warehouse Wing inventory lacks a push-on switch that fits the cap, so this one goes on the pile of potentially useful parts. If a suitable switch appears, I know what to do with it, but if I should need a nice aluminum cylinder that fits a trio of AA cells before then, well …