Commercial Line Cord: Details Matter

Driven by forces beyond my control, I had to rent a carpet cleaner from a local Big Box home repair store. The rugged line cord plug had an unusual (to me, anyway) strain relief fitting on the back, consisting of a circumferential clamp around the cord and a large diameter, deeply recessed opening on the nut to prevent the cord from flexing sharply:

AC Line Cord Plug - clamp nut
AC Line Cord Plug – clamp nut

But something seemed odd, so I unscrewed the finger-tight clamping nut:

AC Line Cord Plug - clamp fingers
AC Line Cord Plug – clamp fingers

Whoever installed the cord cut the insulation back far too much, as those fingers should close on the insulation jacket, not the conductors.

I fought down my instinctive response, took a deep breath, clicked my heels together three times, repeated “This is not my problem”, and suddenly it wasn’t my problem any more. I tried reporting it to the harried clerk at the Big Box Store, but she instantly fluttered off to help somebody else after noting my return in the Big Book of Rental Contracts.