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ARRL Hands-On Radio Column Tabulation

Having been unable to find a single listing of all the ARRL Hands-On Radio columns(*) by Ward Silver, N0AX, in QST magazine, I scraped their lists, did some cleanup, and roughly categorized each column’s topic. If you want to bootstrap yourself (or someone you know) from zero to pretty good, he can get you there!

[Update: (*) You must be an ARRL member to access the collection, but you need not hold an amateur radio license…]

Exp Title DC Audio Digital Power RF Theory
1 The Common-Emitter Amplifier x x x x
2 The Emitter-Follower Amplifier x x x x
3 Basic Operational Amplifiers x x x
4 Active Filters x x
5 The Integrated Timer x
6 Rectifiers and Zener References x x
7 Voltage Multipliers x x
8 The Linear Regulator x x
9 Designing Drivers x x x x
10 Using SCRs x x
11 Comparators x x x x
12 Field Effect Transistors x x x x x x
13 Attenuators x x x
14 Optocouplers x x x
15 Switchmode Regulators, Part 1 x x
16 Switchmode Regulators, Part 2 x x
17 The Phase-Shift Oscillator x x x
18 Frequency Response x x x
19 Current Sources x x x
20 The Differential Amplifier x x
21 The L-Network x x
22 Stubs x x
23 Open House in the N0AX Lab
24 Heat Management x x
25 Totem Pole Outputs x x x x
26 Solid-State RF Switches x
27 Scope Tricks x x x x x x
28 The Common Base Amplifier x x x x
29 Kirchhoff’s Laws x x x
30 The Charge Pump x x x x
31 The Multivibrator x x x
32 Thevenin Equivalents x
33 The Transformer x x x x
34 Technical References x
35 Power Supply Analysis x x x
36 The Up-Down Counter x
37 Decoding for Display x
38 Battery Charger x x
39 Battery Charger, Part 2 x x
40 VOX x
41 Damping Factor x x x
42 Notch Filters x x x
43 RF Oscillators, Part 1 x x
44 RF Oscillators, Part 2 x x
45 RF Amplifiers, Part 1 x x x
46 Two Cs: Crystal and Class x x
47 Toroids x x
48 Baluns x x
49 Reading and Drawing Schematics x
50 Filter Design 1 x x x
51 Filter Design 2 x x x
52 SWR Meters x
53 RF Peak Detector x x x
54 Precision Rectifiers x x
55 Current/Voltage Converters x x x x
56 Design Sensitivities x
57 Double Stubs x
58 Double Stubs II x
59 Smith Chart Fun I x x
60 Smith Chart Fun 2 x x
61 Smith Chart Fun 3 x x
62 About Resistors x x x x
63 About Capacitors x x x x
64 Waveforms and Harmonics x x x x x
65 Spectrum Modification x x x
66 Mixer Basics x x x x
67 The Return of the Kit
68 Phase Locked Loops, the Basics x x x x
69 Phase Locked Loops, Applications x x x
70 Three-Terminal Regulators x x x
71 Circuit Layout x x x x x x
72 Return Loss and S-Parameters x x
73 Choosing an Op Amp x x x
74 Resonant Circuits x x x
75 Series to Parallel Conversion x x
76 Diode Junctions x x x
77 Load Lines x x x x
78 Bridge Circuits x x x
79 Pi and T Networks x x x
80 Battery Capacity x x x
81 Synchronous Transformers x x
82 Antenna Height x x
83 Circuit Simulation, Part One x x x x x x
83 Circuit Simulation, Build and Test x x x x x x
85 Circuit Simulation, Complex Parts x x x x x x
86 Viewing Waveforms in LTspice x x x x x
87 Elsie Filter Design, Part 1 x x
88 Elsie Filter Design, Part 2 x x
89 Overvoltage Protection x x x x
90 Construction Techniques x x x x
91 Common Mode Choke x x x
92 The 468 Factor x x
93 An LED AM Modulator x
94 SWR and Transmission Line Loss x x
95 Watt’s In a Waveform? x x x x x
96 Open Wire Transmission Lines x
97 Programmable Frequency Reference x x x
98 Linear Supply Design x x x
99 Cascode Amplifier x x x x
100 Hands-On Hundred
101 Rotary Encoders x
102 Detecting RF, Part 1 x x x x
103 Detecting RF, Part 2 x x x x
104 Words to Watch For x
105 Gain-Bandwidth Product x x x x
106 Effects of Gain-Bandwidth Product x x x
107 PCB Layout, Part 1 x x x x x x
108 PCB Layout, Part 2 x x x x x x
109 PCB Layout, Part 3 x x x x x x
110 PCB Layout, Part 4 x x x x x x
111 Coiled-Coax Chokes x
112 RFI Hunt x x
113 Radiation Patterns x x
114 Recording Signals x x
115 All About Tapers x x
116 The Quarter-Three-Quarter Wave Balun x
117 Laying Down the Laws x
118 The Laws at Work x
119 The Q3Q Balun Redux x
120 Power Polarity Protection x x

Corrections, amendations, commentary? Let me know…


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