AH49E Hall Effect Sensor Connections

AH49E Hall effect sensor - breadboard
AH49E Hall effect sensor – breadboard

Two lots of linear Hall Effect sensors arrived from halfway around the planet, labeled AH49E and OH49E, and roughly corresponding to the original Honeywell SS49E. The Honeywell datasheet has a non-obvious pinout diagram (that one is better), so I poked one of them into a breadboard and tried it out.

Fortunately, I got it on the first try. Facing the tapered side, with the leads downward, pin 1 is on your left:

  1. Power – typically +5 V
  2. Ground
  3. Output – 0 gauss = 2.5 V

The chip [may | may not], depending on which datasheet you use and which part you have, include an internal 65 μA load on the current source, so you [may not | may] need an external load resistor.

Without a load resistor, this one worked fine. Old-school ferrite and ceramic magnets push it about 1 V off-center, neodymium magnets saturate the output.

That Honeywell / Micro Switch handbook should dispel many misconceptions about proper use, calibration, polarity, and suchlike.

Memo to Self: verify the output voltage for both units with typical load resistors.