Technical Excellence Clock: New Movement

IBM Tech Excellence Award Desk Clock
IBM Tech Excellence Award Desk Clock

Long ago, in a universe far away, IBM gave Mary a desk clock as part of that Technical Excellence Award:

The double-stick foam tape holding the plate on the front aged out a few years later, at which point I cleaned off the solidified goo, drilled 2-56 clearance holes in the plate and tapping holes in the clock base, installed four pan head stainless screws, and neatly aligned the slots. That’s what it should have looked like from the beginning; this was, after all, a Technical award…

The clock movement failed recently and I got a drop-in clock insert from Klockit to put it back in operation. The fit wasn’t quite solid, but two wraps of silicone tape around the case under the ribbed friction-fit band solved that problem.

One new movement cost just about as much as the shipping, so I bought a pair with black and white faces.  Mary picked the white face for this clock, which left the black movement as a spare.

Tomorrow: what to do with a spare clock insert.