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MTD Chipper-Shredder Screen: Replacement Thereof

It’s leaf-shredding season again and our MTD Chipper-Shredder began shredding not nearly as well as it had in years gone by. Last season I laid in a stock of replacement parts, so I swapped in a new Shredder Screen (781-0457):

MTD Chipper-Shredder screen

MTD Chipper-Shredder screen

The flail blades (719-0329) on the massive rotating impeller assembly protrude through the parallel openings in the screen, which is where most of the shredding action happens. The old red screen bent outward enough so that the blades pushed the leaves against the screen, rather than through it, producing frequent clogs.

Now it works fine again… although I’ve had just about as much fun shredding leaves as any one person should experience in one month.