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Return and Conquest of the Freezer Dog

As expected, my crude bearing repairs on our Whirlpool refrigerator’s freezer fan didn’t last forever; the freezer dog crept back inside over the course of a few months. I recently ordered another replacement fan (yes, sixty bucks for an open-frame fan!), installed it, and have some interesting data points.

The OEM fan in the Whirlpool refrigerator was made by FSP and has no country of origin. The date code on the winding insulation reports 1993 and it lasted for the better part of a dozen years.

The replacement fan, which never sounded quite right and failed in short order, was made by Exact Replacement Parts and has no country of origin. I scrawled 2006 on it, although the bearing noise caused me to remove it almost immediately and re-fix the OEM fan bearings.

The new fan is once again made by FSP, comes with Whirlpool logos on the screw-and-bushing kit bag, and sports Made In Mexico on the winding insulation. So far, it’s sounded OK, although the normal fan whir seems a bit louder & growlier than before. No howls, though, and that counts for a lot.

I infer that the ERP fans weren’t entirely satisfactory, but that’s just a guess.