Alarm Controls: The Right Way

Those aren’t alarm pushbuttons. These are alarm pushbuttons:

Submarine Albacore - alarm pushbuttons
Submarine Albacore – alarm pushbuttons

They’re in the USS Albacore and obviously intended for use by someone in a hurry: the tactile shapes tell your fingers everything they need to know. If I understand the ship’s history, the Collision Alarm switch contacts closed only during tests, although they did have a close call with the sub towing the (unpowered) Albacore from the Philly boneyard to its final resting site.

According to the information we saw, the control board was refitted / replaced / redone to remove classified hardware, so the woodgrain Formica background may not be original. On the other hand, this was a sub intended for extensive experimentation, so maybe they used a cheap and easily machined material.

(Headfake to the Crocodile Dundee knife meme.)