Screwdriver Rack

A while back I picked up one of Harbor Freight’s cheap screwdrivers sets; the largest two drivers far exceed my simple needs, but the smaller screwdrivers work surprisingly well. I couldn’t figure out where to store the things, as they’re used often enough to remain ready to hand, while being too bulky for any of the drawers. Emboldened by my success with those shoe latch springs, I decided to bend some coat hanger wire into simple clips that grab the screwdrivers around their waists:

Screwdriver clip - rear view
Screwdriver clip – rear view

The first step forms a loop where the mounting screw will go; squeezing the wire around the pin with pliers made a reasonably good imitation of a screw hole:

Screwdriver clip - screw bend
Screwdriver clip – screw bend

The next two bends shape the wire to the arms; I eventually figured out that bending the wire ends to a mutual right angle worked out better than the acute angle you see here:

Screwdriver clip - second bend
Screwdriver clip – second bend

Bending both wires at a right angle formed the arms:

 Screwdriver clip - arm bend
Screwdriver clip – arm bend

Two more bends in each arm finished off the clip:

Screwdriver clip - entry bends
Screwdriver clip – entry bends

I chopped up a coat hanger with smaller diameter wire to make clips for the smallest screwdrivers with narrower handles.

Repeat that a dozen times, drill pilot holes into a ready-to-use bit of scrap lumber, screw the clips with 3/4 inch flat-head screws, add four more holes on the right for finishing nails to hold the red screwdrivers (which have suitable holes in their handles), screw the whole affair to the bottom of the floor joist, and it’s all good:

Screwdriver rack on floor joist
Screwdriver rack on floor joist

After running the first half dozen screws with great effort, I fetched the beeswax and the rest slid right into place.

The larger driver handles stick up inconveniently far behind the fluorescent lamp fixture that’s barely visible along the top, but (I’m pretty sure) I won’t use those nearly enough for that to be a problem.

I suppose I should dip the raw ends of the wires in goop to avoid harpooning myself; I think I’ll mostly handle the screwdrivers by their shafts, so maybe that won’t be a problem, either.

Memo to Self: Use the beeswax!