Sienna Anti-Theft Blinky Light

Our Toyota Sienna arrived with a blank cover plate where a fancier model would have a switch. It seemed a shame to let that space go to waste, so I popped the plate out, rummaged around in the heap, found a small circuit board with a blinky LED that just exactly fit the space available, and drilled a suitable hole:

Sienna anti-theft blinker - inside
Sienna anti-theft blinker – inside

When it’s installed in the van, it looks and acts just like the security system we don’t have. For all I know, that plate was for the security system control, so perhaps it’s an exact match!

Sienna anti-theft blinker - bezel
Sienna anti-theft blinker – bezel

The batteries last about two years, a few months later I notice the lack of blinkiness (it’s hidden behind the steering wheel in my normal driving position), and eventually I replace the corroded batteries. This time, I had to replace the entire battery holder; things got pretty nasty in there.

As I recall, the PCB came from a fancy “greeting card” mailed to me by the Business Software Alliance, with the implied threat that if all my paperwork wasn’t up to par, my use of potentially unlicensed software would blow up in my face. That was back in the day when mailing something that pretended to be a bomb was considered a cute joke and when I actually ran more than one Windows PC.

Linux is a lot more relaxing…