Hummingbird Moth!

A Hummingbird Moth recently visited the Butterfly Bush:

Hummingbird Moth - left side
Hummingbird Moth – left side

They’re heavy-bodied moths and, unlike those butterflies, never alight on the flowers to dine. Their wings are clear and never stop moving:

Hummingbird Moth - wing
Hummingbird Moth – wing

It’s impossible to not see a face looking back at you, even though that’s a proboscis down the middle:

Hummingbird Moth - front
Hummingbird Moth – front

They don’t stay very long and are extremely flighty, so the picture are catch-as-catch-can: hand-held with the DSC-H5, roughly dot-for-dot crops, and only the last one got any color correction. I didn’t have time to set the usual one-stop underexposure, so the colors washed out a bit. I really like the first picture; almost all my mistakes canceled out.