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TinyTrak3+ Trimpots: Not All Are Created Equal

I designed the GPS+Audio case around the TinyTrak3+ board in my radio, which has two square, blue-plastic trimpots. The case worked fine for that board.┬áThen I printed the case for the next bike and that TT3+ didn’t slide neatly into place:

TinyTrak3+ trimpot overhang

TinyTrak3+ trimpot overhang

Turns out that one of the three TT3+ boards uses plastic trimpots and the other two have metal trimpots bent to fit the existing holes (so they’re not a drop-in replacement), with a very slight overhang beyond the edge of the PCB.

So I attacked the case with some riffler files and carved a notch above the PCB slot. No pictures of that, lest you think I’m a butcher of lovely 3D printed objects. Next time: build the notch into the case’s solid model.

Most likely, this is the only instance of those pots causing anyone a problem…