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HT GPS+Voice Case: Latch Bar

This iteration of the case latch has slightly larger brass tubing on the ends, hand filed to match the case angle:

Shaping case latch bar

Shaping case latch bar

It’s pretty much the same process described there and is why I set up that slitting saw arbor for the next time.

The final result looks pretty good:

HT-GPS Case - Latch plate detail

HT-GPS Case – Latch plate detail

Those tubing snippets really must be two different lengths: the bar slides to the right (in that picture) to release the case, so:

  • The short tube and the notch must fit into the space between the edge of the case and the release slot.
  • The long tube slides outward, with a mark to indicate when the notches align with the release slots.

In principle, you could slide the bar until the shorter tube jams against the latch ramp on the radio, but this case (plus the end caps) turned out to be exactly as long as the distance available and is a rather snug press fit. The next version will be 0.75 mm shorter and should fit better, although snug is good in this situation.

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