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Primo Comet Aneurysm: Teardown

So, as you might expect, I couldn’t let the aneurysm on that tire get away without a closer look: had to haul the poor thing out of the trash and dissect it. Here’s what it looked like on the bike:

Primo Comet Aneurysm - inflated

Primo Comet Aneurysm – inflated

The outer rubber has disintegrated and is pulling away from the Kevlar belt underneath, but it’s still holding air!

Cutting that section out of the tire and flattening it makes things look almost normal:

Primo Comet Aneurysm - flattened

Primo Comet Aneurysm – flattened

Peeling the rubber off the carcass reveals that the body cords have either broken or ripped loose under the belt:

Primo Comet Aneurysm - peeled

Primo Comet Aneurysm – peeled

There was no external damage over that part of the tire and I was wrong about a gash in the Kevlar belt. However, the ends of the belt overlap just above and to the right of my thumb, so perhaps there’s a manufacturing flaw in there somewhere.

Now it’s in the trash!

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