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Trouser Hangers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So I finally looked at why one of the trouser hangers made a nasty gritty noise. Turns out that, no suprise, when you rub steel against steel long enough, it wears away:

Trouser hanger - abraded steel

Trouser hanger – abraded steel

Another hanger had a huge roller that worked wonderfully well:

Trouser hanger - elaborate roller

Trouser hanger – elaborate roller

That one was obviously over-engineered, but a simple roller also works well:

Trouser hanger - simple roller

Trouser hanger – simple roller

They cheapnified this one just a bit too much, because it’s not quite a roller any more:

Trouser hanger - ineffective roller

Trouser hanger – ineffective roller

A bit of rummaging turned up enough hangers with working rollers, so it’s all good now…

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