Sloop Clearwater: Sailing on the Hudson River

Back in the old days, the Hudson was clogged with sailing ships; now only a few carefully tended reproductions remain:

Sailing ship under Walkway Over the Hudson
Sailing ship under Walkway Over the Hudson

That’s the Sloop Clearwater as seen from the middle of the Poughkeepsie Bridge on an overcast day that brings out the vignetting in the long telephoto image.

A bit earlier I was westbound on the Walkway Over the Hudson while the Clearwater was headed northbound:

Sloop Clearwater
Sloop Clearwater

Turns out they carry a GPS tracker (accessible from a link on their site):

Sloop Clearwater Track - 2012-05-14
Sloop Clearwater Track – 2012-05-14

So do I:

KE4ZNU-9 APRS Track - 2012-05-14
KE4ZNU-9 APRS Track – 2012-05-14

It was a fine day for a ride (or a sail) before the storm!