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Trinity College Robot Contest: Bounding Boxes

New this year at the Trinity College Firefighting Home Robot Contest will be a Checkout Table, where teams can verify that their robot meets some initial specifications (Section 2.5 of The Rules). The overall size should be the easiest spec to check; I just glued up a pair of suitable Bounding Boxes:

Trinity Robot Contest - bounding boxes

Trinity Robot Contest - bounding boxes

Robowaiter robots must fit in the smaller cube, which is 30 cm on a side. Firefighting robots must fit in the larger box, with wheeled / treaded robots inside the 31 x 31 x 27 cm outline and walkers within the larger 46 x 31 x 27 volume.

Next step: fluorescent orange paint over a white shot coat to kill the lettering.

And I didn’t even give myself a hot glue burn