Universal Card Services

So the Credit Card Services scammers have a new back end name: Universal Card Services. According to the pleasant voice, UCS can reduce my credit card rates “from zero to six percent”… whether that’s the final rate or the reduction amount is not clear.

As with CCS, they “work with your credit card company” to reduce your rates. The pleasant boiler-room voice gave some numbers:

  • Citi 2-6% reduction
  • BoA 4-8% reduction
  • Capital One isn’t cooperative (I wonder why?)

They are evidently scraping the bottom of the barrel of desperate credit card users: you must have a balance of at least $1500 (!) and a rate of at least 6%.

If I were willing to agree that I met those requirements, he’d “qualify me” and pass me on to the “low interest rate advisor” who would tell me more about the company. He “had only been working there for a month” and really couldn’t tell me more than the company name; the “advisor” would answer all my questions about where the company was located, what their phone number might be, and so forth and so on.

I asked again where they were located and click that was the end of that.

Elapsed time: 4:33. Not a record, but not bad at all.

I suppose I must start lying to them in order to make more progress… perhaps I should feed the “advisor” one of our old credit card numbers that’s been closed due to fraudulent activity? Nah, that’d give them entirely too much information.