Dr. Who Cookie Cutters

These Dr. Who themed cookie cutters came out nearly perfect:

Dr Who Cookie Cutters
Dr Who Cookie Cutters

Each consists of an outer cutter rim and an inner dough press that fit neatly together.

The STL files contain a few triangle errors that seem to be typical of objects made with Google Sketchup, but the final G-Code came out fine despite a few Skeinforge warnings.

No strings, no cleanup, no muss, no fuss: the printer is back in operation once again!

The relevant Skeinforge 45 settings, about which more later:

  • 0.25 mm layer thickness + 0.50 mm thread width
  • First layer: 9 mm/s perimeter + 15 mm/s infill
  • Other layers: 20 mm/s perimeter  + 60 mm/s infill
  • 250 mm/s travel (!)
  • +0 extra shells, 3 solid layers
  • 0.20 infill + 45°/90° rectangular
  • 200 °C extrusion + 110 °F platform

Dimension plugin settings:

  • Filament dia = 2.96 mm, FPD = 0.93 (natural ABS from MBI)
  • Retraction 2 mm @ 60 mm/s, min 1 mm travel

I’m not a big Dr. Who fan, but I know someone who is…

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    1. It had to happen, I suppose.

      The difference between the hype and the reality of low-cost 3D printing should be measure in dB, thought: it’s not a small number!

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