Harbor Freight Digital Thickness Gauge: Lubrication Thereof

Picked up a Harbor Freight thickness gauge to measure Thing-O-Matic filaments and suchlike; it has a plastic piston and anvil, so it’s not well-suited to measure anything other than plastic parts. In fact, it’s all plastic and the various sliding surfaces produced a remarkable amount of friction.

Fortunately, the back cover pops off without too much of a struggle:

Harbor Freight Digital Thickness Gauge - cover removed
Harbor Freight Digital Thickness Gauge - cover removed

Dabs of silicone lube at all the contact points considerably improved its disposition.

The display offers 0.01 mm resolution, but I don’t believe that rightmost digit for an instant. The stated accuracy is ±0.1 mm, which is probably closer to the truth, and it agrees reasonably well with my considerably better quality digital caliper.