Monthly Aphorism: On Money

  • Money changes everything

As evidence, read any of the myriad stories about folks receiving a huge slug of windfall cash that subsequently destroys their life. You won’t find many success stories, although that may be a sampling problem.

My buddy Aitch observes that a corporate implosion often occurs just after completion of a shiny new headquarters building in a far-off location. That construction marks the revenue peak, not necessarily the point where profit margins stabilize.

And, of course, carpet-bombing a company with C-notes doesn’t guarantee future success, as witness recent developments in the solar power field.

But the lure of easy money can be exceedingly hard to resist…

    Oh Lord! Let me prove
    Winning a Powerball game
    Would not change me. Much.

Government-run gambling boils down to a regressive tax on folks who weren’t paying attention during the probability and statistics part of math class. The fact that (some part of) the “profits” go into school budgets  demonstrates that irony remains an integral part of the modern world.