External USB Case vs OEM DVD Drive Mounting Bracket

That little Lenovo Q150 doesn’t include an optical drive and, mostly, I don’t need one, but sometimes it’s handy to boot from a CD. I picked up a used DVD burner that also fits my Dell E1405 laptop (should I need a spare) and a tiny USB laptop drive case from the usual eBay sources for a grand total of $17 delivered.

The drive had a mounting bracket on the back that obviously had to come off, because the bracket screws snuggled right in among the USB adapter electronics:

E1405 DVD drive bracket vs USB electronics
E1405 DVD drive bracket vs USB electronics

In fact, that flat tab with a hole would have clunked up against the back of the case and prevented it from sliding all the way in, but the screws also foiled Plan B: flip the bracket around so the tab goes under the drive where it couldn’t get lost if I needed it again.

So now the bracket & screws live in a little bag in the Box o’ USB Stuff.

The DVD drive works fine with just a single USB cable, although the case came with a power-only USB cable, so the latter also lives in the bag with the bracket. Maybe I’ll need it in the unlikely event I actually burn a DVD in that drive?