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Stepper Dynamometer Mechanics

Combine two of those mounts with one of those couplers, add two NEMA 17 steppers (the one on the right is that one), slide a baseplate underneath, sprinkle with various screws, and shazam you get a stepper motor dynamometer:

Stepper Dynamometer

Stepper Dynamometer

The baseplate puts the mounts 65 mm apart on the 10-32 screw centers, which is entirely a function of the coupler length, and is easy with manual CNC on the Sherline.

Changing the motors is straightforward: loosen coupler setscrew, remove base screws, slide motor away from coupler, remove mount screws. Won’t happen that often, methinks.

The general idea is to drive one stepper with a known current, apply a known resistive load to the other motor’s windings, and then plot torque vs. speed. It won’t be quite that simple, of course, but should produce some interesting data.