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Exposed Stepper Motor Windings

Got a stepper motor from halfway around the planet from the usual eBay source, intended for a direct-drive extruder (at some point). This one has integral wire leads, which is fine with me, but the opening in the rear endcap reveals a bit more of the innards than one usually sees:

ACT 17HS5425 stepper - exposed winding

ACT 17HS5425 stepper - exposed winding

Yup, that’s one winding peeking out. Although the wire insulation should take care of anything conductive, I’d expect the same casual attention to detail in the winding terminals.

I’d worry more if this were being used in a metal-cutting operation, but a snippet of heatshrink tubing and a blob of hot-melt glue seem in order.

For what it’s worth, the motor is an ACT 17HS5425:

  • 1.8°/step
  • 48 mm case length
  • 3.1 V
  • 2.5 A
  • 1.25 Ω
  • 1.8 mH
  • 48 oz·in holding torque
  • 2.8 oz·in detent torque
  • 68 oz·in rotor torque

No torque curves and nothing more in the way of a datasheet.