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Reversal Zits: Oozebane Variations

Of late, the Thing-O-Matic has been producing very nice results with one annoyance: zits at the end of threads that seem to be caused by the Skeinforge Reversal plugin. That may be unjustly tarring it, so I’ve been running parameter variations while cranking out tchotchkes for an upcoming presentation.

This stack of Chalk Men shows the problem.

Chalk Men - Oozebane variations

Chalk Men - Oozebane variations

The bottom and top have my standard 25 rev/min, 125 ms Reversal settings and don’t look all that bad. The middle two have Oozebane turned on: lower = 1.0 and upper = 0.25.

Fairly obviously, 1 mm of Oozebane early start produces dangling strands and the corresponding 1 mm of early shutdown leaves just less than 1 mm of gap. Not useful.

Reducing Oozebane to 0.25 mm produces results only slightly worse than no Oozebane at all.

The rest of the thinly documented Oozebane parameter space doesn’t seem helpful. I think it was intended more for DC motor extruders than steppers, although it didn’t seem useful even then.

So Oozebane doesn’t seem to help.

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