3D Printed Pactec Box Panel

As part of the Thermal Lockout project, I planned to put a pair of big pushbutton switches on the end of a little Pactec box, thusly:

Pactec box - printed panel
Pactec box - printed panel

I was in the midst of figuring out how to clamp that tiny panel to the Sherline milling machine’s table and gnaw out those big holes, when I realized I could just print out a new panel with the holes already in place:

Pactec panels with switches
Pactec panels with switches

No muss, no fuss, no exciting chips… and no tedious corner filing, either.

The 3D model has the hole for an LED that I added later; the panel shown above acquired that hole during a brief conference with Mr Drill Press.

Thermal Cutout Box - switch plate model
Thermal Cutout Box - switch plate model

In actual point of fact, I had to do a bit of edge filing for the switches, as the holes came out slightly undersized. The HoleWindage setting should take care of that for the next time around. The panel was a drop-in replacement for the original: all the outside dimensions & thicknesses were spot on.

The OpenSCAD source code:

// End panel for PacTec 61191-01 box
//    Panel 61580-01
// Ed Nisley - KE4ZNU - Feb 2011

Layer1Z = 1.50;
Layer2Z = 1.00;

HoleWindage = 0.55;                // approximately equal to extrusion width
Protrusion = 0.1;                // stick out over top and bottom

SwitchOffsetX = 15.0;

SwitchX = 16.0 + HoleWindage;
SwitchY = 12.0 + HoleWindage;
SwitchZ = Layer1Z + Layer2Z;

LedR = (5.0 + HoleWindage)/2;
LedZ = SwitchZ;

difference() {
 union() {
 translate([0,0,Layer1Z/2]) cube([55,22.5,Layer1Z],center=true);
 translate([0,0,(Layer1Z + Layer2Z)/2]) cube([52.6,19.5,Layer1Z + Layer2Z],center=true);

 cube([SwitchX,SwitchY,SwitchZ + 2*Protrusion],center=true);

 cube([SwitchX,SwitchY,SwitchZ + 2*Protrusion],center=true);

 cylinder(r=LedR,h=LedZ + 2*Protrusion,center=true,$fn=10);