Epson R380 Ink Fillup

Another shot of ink for the printer:

  • Black = 60 ml
  • Magenta = 20 ml
  • Yellow / Light Cyan / Cyan / Light Magenta = 30 ml each

The waste ink container is now a bit more than half full: 90 mm high in a 40 mm diameter cylinder. That works out to 113×103 mm = 113 ml. Given that “high capacity” cartridges for this printer contain 11 ml, I’m looking at 10 cartridges worth of waste ink.

While I was printing handouts for Cabin Fever, the R380 had a brain spasm and announced it didn’t recognize any of its ink cartridges. A power cycle brought it back to its senses and all the continuous-ink cartridges reset themselves to Completely full once again. With another printer, that error message required a complete new set of cartridges, because the printer could (and did!) set bits inside the refill-prevention chips that rendered the cartridges unusable.

I don’t buy that much ink at one time, but …