Adobe Reader Print Colors

While printing up handouts for my talk at Cabin Fever, I finally tracked down why Adobe Reader was producing such crappy colors.

The left is before and the right is after the fix, scanned at the same time with the same image adjustments:

Oversaturated vs normal printing
Oversaturated vs normal printing

All of the print settings appeared correct (plain paper, 720 dpi, normal contrast, etc, etc), but Adobe Reader (and only Adobe Reader) looked like it was trying to print on vastly higher quality paper than I was using. Too much ink, too much contrast, generally useless results.

The solution was, as always, trivial, after far too much fiddling around.

In Reader’s Print dialog, there’s a button in the lower-left corner labeled Advanced. Clicky, then put a checkmark in the box that says Let printer determine colors.

And then It Just Works.

Equally puzzling: ask for 25 copies of a two-page document, check the Collate box, and you get 25 page 1, 25 page 2, then more page 1 starts coming out. I bet I’d get 25 x 25 sheets of paper by the time it gave up.

I have no idea what’s going on, either.

Memo to Self: verify that the box stays checked after updates.