Thing-O-Matic / MK5 Extruder: Cartridge Heater Doodles

During the conversation following my original post on the MakerBot support forum, CodeRage suggested using cartridge heaters. I asked Eks about that and he said something along the lines of “Damn straight! We used ’em all over the place! Just do it!”

CodeRage plans to retrofit his MK5 head with a pair of 230 V 150 W heaters running at 120 V to get a total of 75 W. I have qualms about running line voltage around the extruder head, but it’s certainly a better solution than toasting power resistors.

The trouble with 1/2-inch models is that they don’t fit conveniently on the Thermal Core. I’d make an adapter block with a hole for the heater and two holes for the existing cap screws, but the screws don’t quite pass around a half-inch cartridge heater.

He suggested 1/8-inch heaters from Sun Electric Heater Company, which look like just the ticket except that they’re nigh onto 40 bucks a pop. Ouch.

High Temp Industries [Edit: new link 2013-12-27has 1/4-inch heaters for under $20 that will fit in the space available. If I understand the configuration options, you can even get 12 V 30 W heaters (the same power as the existing resistors) with a 1000 °F (call it 500 °C) temperature rating.

So I think what’s needed is to get some of those heaters, machine blocks to hold them on each side of the Core, and see how that works. The heaters will fit between the resistor screw holes and the Core is just about exactly 1 inch long. What’s not to like?

This might work… except for the fact that HTI has a $150 minimum order, which is somewhat off-putting even for me. Anybody up for a group buy of ten cartridge heaters?

Note that if you swap in some cartridge heaters, you really should do the separate +12 V supply Extruder Controller hack described there.

[Update: Zach @ MBI has ordered a stack of cartridge heaters for their internal testing (he promises to send me some), plans a retrofit kit, and may become a retail source for the heaters. He reports the lead time to get heaters in bulk is something over two weeks, which is a lot longer than I expected.

In light of that, I will hold the “group order” until I have a better handle on what’s needed to retrofit cartridge heaters into the existing MK5 head, how they’ll actually work, and what PID loop retuning may be required. Once I know more about all that, we can proceed.

Having MBI handle the ordering & shipping makes sense to me!]