Blog Summary – 2010

The numbers as of yesterday:

Site State - Per Day - Dec 2010
Site State - Per Day - Dec 2010

That green block highlights the flash mob from descending on the bed bug posts; other than that, things are pretty quiet around here.

Half of the daily traffic arrives by search engine for topics of general interest. The hackaday firestorm skews the numbers (the Alpha Geek clock was hackaday’s favorite a year ago), but a few other topics peek through.

Views	Title
73159	Home page
6063	Bed Bugs: Wrapup
5754	Bed Bugs: Hot Box Disinsector
5148	Changing the Arduino PWM Frequency
3688	Arduino Hardware-assisted SPI: Synchronous Serial Data I/O
2823	Arduino Command Line Programming: Avrdude Puzzlement
2768	Ubuntu 9.10 Partition Backup: ext4 vs partimage vs dd
2751	Bed Bugs: Overview
2450	Alpha-Geek Clock
2291	Ubuntu 9.10 HAL FDI: Input Device Configuration - Kensington Expert Mouse FAIL
2202	Finding Transformer Pi Model Parameters
2184	Arduino vs. ATMega168 Chip Pinouts
2091	Bed Bugs: Infestation and Breeding
2019	Arduino Fast PWM: Faster
1981	Sherline Mill Counterweight Gantry
1890	Cold & Fractured Solder Joints
1851	Bed Bugs: Dying on Planet Sticky
1848	Bed Bugs: Living on Planet Sticky
1830	Bed Bugs: Assured Destruction
1734	Bed Bugs: Killing Fields
1692	Bed Bugs: Traps From Planet Powder
1637	Bed Bugs: Thermal Kill
1488	Dell GX270 Auto-On Power Setting
1481	Bed Bugs: Lures
1364	Removing a Water Heater Anode Rod
1356	Bed Bugs: Disinsecting the Bedroom
1352	Arduino LiquidCrystal Library vs Old HD44780 LCD Controller
1319	Bed Bugs: Furniture Isolation
1208	Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball: Scroll Ring Troubles
1199	Camera Microscope Adapter
1193	Bed Bugs: Pesticides
1177	Sunglasses Repair: Half a Hinge Is Better Than None
1152	Kubuntu Remote Desktop via SSH Tunnel
1123	Mysterious USB Disconnects
1039	Recumbent Bicycle Amateur Radio Antenna Mount
1027	American Standard Elite Kitchen Faucet Disassembly
1005	Bullet Hole in Plate Glass

The search terms are fascinating, at least to me:

Views	Search
832	arduino pwm frequency
795	arduino pwm
500	arduino pinout
460	chain catcher
433	milling
408	arduino spi
397	staghorn beetle
357	transformer model
355	atmega168 pinout
351	atmega328 pinout
317	cold solder joints
255	cold solder joint
253	bellows
245	partimage ext4
231	avid rollamajig
226	triple alert redemption
214	arduino fast pwm
203	sherline
193	avrdude arduino
192	arduino command line
176	photoresistor circuit
172	turkey hen
162	camera microscope
160	kubuntu remote desktop
158	magnetizer
155	front derailleur cable
147	dl1414
145	sinking ship
145	arduino avrdude
144	cold solder
140	resistance soldering
137	hen turkey
134	rollamajig
130	pspice transformer
125	giant swallowtail butterfly
123	milling projects
122	the smell of molten projects
121	arduino struct
121	visible light blocking filter
116	swallowtail butterfly
115	rats leaving a sinking ship
115	dragonfly
109	tektronix 492
109	taxact vs turbotax
108	garrotte
108	bob yak
107	hv transformer
107	nielsen tv survey
107	arduino cnc
107	sherline mill
106	ss president coolidge
105	if you can read this roll me over
105	wwvb receiver
104	trackball
104	pwm arduino
101	stag horn beetle
101	backup ext4
101	scratch paper

I knew Arduino hardware and programming was interesting, but I would not ever have predicted that the fourth most popular search term would land there! Must be a lot of bicyclists with chain troubles out there…

And I seem to be the go-to guy for pictures of staghorn beetles and turkey hens. Who knew?

So much for my tech interests…