Blog Impulse Response

Those of you following the blog comments by RSS probably noticed a frenzy of commentary on the bed bug posts last week. Turns out that posted an article mentioning my Hot Box Disinsector on the afternoon of 22 November, producing this blip in the traffic numbers:

Page Views - November 2010
Page Views - November 2010

I noticed the jump shortly before suppertime, at which point the WordPress counters weren’t keeping up with the hit rate: the statistics page produced essentially random numbers for the next day.

About 1/4 of the newcomers (welcome!) read all of the bed bug articles, punching the views up by an order of magnitude. Of course, for a real website, 16k hits per day rounds off to zero, but it’s still invigorating for a simple guy like me. inserts ads on their blogs, over which I have no control. As nearly as I can tell, most of my articles have such esoteric topics that they attract no ads at all, but, wow, Google sure knows exactly what to do with bed bugs!

Now, I’ll return to my usual practice of fixing stuff and writing about how that goes down…