Bed Bugs: Wrapup

So there you have it: the bugs that killed three months.

We’ve gone a month without a bite and are only now restoring furniture to the bedroom. Each piece goes up on powder traps and gets a week in isolation to reveal any bugs before we reload the drawers with clean clothing. After vacuuming and washing there shouldn’t be any bugs left on the furniture, if the piece had any to begin with. Almost certainly that is wasted effort, but …

Maybe next year we’ll buy new chairs and a couch for the living room. For sure, they won’t have plush, overstuffed upholstry.

With any luck (and the regular use of a hot box disinsector), you won’t go through what we did.

However, should you discover a row of bites across your body, the actions you take during the next few days will determine the level of catastrophe during your next year. The problem will not go away by ignoring it; if you get a breeding population going in your house / apartment / condo, you will definitely need a commercial pest-control service.

If you think tossing out some furniture to get rid of a few bugs is expensive: just wait.

Good luck!

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