LyX and LaTEX Tweakage

Minor tweaks to the Lyx document settings I used there for the Trinity robot contest rules.

Controlling line numbering with the lineno package:


A two-column layout with change bars seems to stretch the machinery to the limit; the varioref package (sucked in automagically by something else) often complains (quite properly) about changed blocks spanning boundaries that might cause an infinite loop. Save the file, then turn the error message into a non-fatal warning to see what actually happens. Turn it back into a fatal error when done:


It seems impossible to alter change bar colors from the default blue and red in PDF documents, so I tweaked the PDF link colors instead. Use the xcolors package in place of colors, then pick a different color from the Base Colors set (to avoid having to figure out how to specify another set) in the Additional options part of the PDF Properties tab:


In principle, changing the \dvipost options should work, but not with PDFs created through pdflatex. For example, this has no effect:

\dvipost{cbstart color push Magenta}
\dvipost{cbend color pop}

Saving a file under a new name with FileSave As completely confuses a subsequent HTML conversion; the .html file loses all the internal formatting and becomes one giant line of text. Save the .lyx file with the new name, close Lyx, start it up again, reload the file, and it’s all good.

Memo to Self: Convert \vrefwarning back to \vrefshowerrors before it bites you!