Refurb HP w2408h Monitor Factory Menu

A year or so ago I picked up a refurbished HP w2408h monitor that’s been entirely satisfactory, although the backlight now seems to flicker occasionally. In the course of enabling the backlight sensor to see if that changes anything, I came across this useful bit of information about enabling the Factory Mode menu (lightly edited for clarity):

  1. Make sure you have video on your current input.
  2. Then turn off monitor.
  3. Hold down the “Menu”  and  ” +” keys while turning OFF/ON REAR Power switch. If monitor does not have rear power switch (ex. w2408) then just do with front power switch.
  4. Bring up OSD and scroll up/down to “F” letter at one corner of the OSD window.
  5. Press Menu/select button to enter Factory menu.
  6. Scroll down and turn off BurnIn.
  7. Scroll back up to “Exit” menu.
  8. Cycle power with front power button.

The menu isn’t particularly useful to mere mortals, although it does show total power-on hours (3700, IIRC) and some other settings. It seems the refurb shop shipped some of the monitors with Burn-In mode enabled, much to the confusion of purchasers.

Makes you wonder what other Easter Eggs lie in wait, doesn’t it?