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Monthly Aphorism: On Choosing Seafood

  • Thou shalt not eat siphon feeders, bottom feeders, things without eyes, or bugs

Someone famous once observed that being a gourmet consists almost entirely of being able to make approving noises and say “That was very good!” after eating a morsel that would cause ordinary folks to throw up.

The lab tech who coined that aphorism, obviously a man with an earthy sense of humor, also experimentally determined that the women he dated couldn’t tell the difference between fancy wine in ornate bottles and cheap wine in screw-top gallon jugs. So he kept a couple of ornate bottles around which he refilled as needed from the jugs. He simply pushed the corks back in and did a credible job of re-sealing the top with paper and wax.

We worked together on the IBM Video Disk project, then served time together in the East Fishkill Factory. Lost touch over the years and I think I just saw his obituary go by… sic transit, etc.


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