Continuous Ink Reservoirs: Elevation Thereof

Do Not Raise External Ink Reservoir
Do Not Raise External Ink Reservoir

The continuous ink system I have on the Epson R380 occasionally stops the yellow ink flow. I think it’s related to back pressure: the lines drain down quickly after the printer stops and the yellow line is on top.

The label on the front of the continuous ink supply reservoir minces no words:

Do not raise the external ink reservoir higher because of curiosity or insufficient ink-supply …

Well, maybe a little bit won’t hurt?

As it turns out, the original ink tanks inside the printer are pretty high up, with the bottom of the print heads maybe 60 mm off the table. That chunk of foam packing material is 40 mm tall: the bottom of the ink supply remains well below the heads.

The ink supply tubes drain back a few cm when the printer has been idle, which means the elevated reservoir isn’t applying positive pressure to the heads. And, after a few weeks of this treatment, the yellow ink flow hasn’t stopped!

I’ll call it a win.

Here’s the overall view, with a few ink splotches visible from previous blunders. If the table wasn’t a raw slab of half-inch plywood bolted to a surplus printer (?) stand in the basement, I’d care a lot more…

Elevated continuous ink reservoir
Elevated continuous ink reservoir

The amount of ink in the waste ink tank beside the printer is breathtaking: about 50% more than noted there.