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A Night Visitor

One of those midnight “I heard such a clatter” events: somebody or something was kicking a can all over the driveway.

Turned out that a raccoon found the stack of carefully rinsed salmon cans in the recycling bin and was puzzling over how to get them apart. Evidently he figured there was something really delicious hidden in there somewhere!

I had time to fiddle with the camera before he gave up and wandered away on his rounds…

These are in near-IR “Nightshot” mode with my ancient DSC-F717 and the 1.7X teleconverter. They’re automagic crops from larger frames, walloped en masse with ImageMagick:

for f in *jpg ; do mogrify -crop 1200x900+700+450 -resize 750x563 $f ; done

The gritty texture plays hell with JPEG compression, but that’s what the camera delivers. An incandescent spotlight on the driveway contributes the deep shadow, but an ordinary camera (my DSC-H5) produced completely black images, even with the high-power flash setting.

Memo to self: start keeping the recycling bin inside the garage. But will that just piss off the bears that are moving (back) into the county?