Tour Easy Seat Clamp Doodles

Tour Easy seat clamp doodles
Tour Easy seat clamp doodles

I’ve managed to lose enough weight off my butt (it doesn’t go away, it just becomes leg muscle for a few months) that I must move the seat on my Tour Easy forward maybe 5 mm. Alas, I’ve run out of adjustment room: the frame is a Medium Large and I probably should have gotten a Medium; that decision was forced by getting a much-too-small Linear many years ago.

The general idea here is to bolt the seat to an aluminum circumferential clamp just forward of the plate and tubes that normally secure the seat to the frame. That moves the clamping bolts about 15 cm forward, but they slide in slots along the seat bottom.

The bolts are 1/4-20 stainless carriage bolts, with the square shank under the head sliding in those slots. I think the clamp can be about the same thickness as the existing tubes, so the same bolts will work.

The main frame tube runs slightly above the two small tubes that stiffen the rear triangle. It’s not clear those clearances in the clamp must be contoured to fit the tubes exactly; a simple flat cutout will probably work just fine.

The top of the clamp must have two bosses to support the seat base around the clamping screws. A line of rivets down the middle secures the seat base to the contoured (carbon?) fiberglass pan holding the foam cushion.