Useful Minicom Defaults

I usually figure this stuff out for each minicom setup; now I can just refer here and get it right the first time.

Run minicom -s the first time to set the internal configs:

  • Port typically /dev/ttyUSB0 for USB-serial adapter
  • 19200 8N1 for lack of anything smarter
  • No hardware flow control
  • Software flow control
  • Clear modem Init and Reset strings to blank
  • No DCD line
  • Set colors as below

Your favorite colors will differ; these are Old-Skool:

  • Menu: white on blue
  • Status: black on cyan
  • Terminal: green on black

Save that as the overall system default.

Set command-line defaults in ~/.bashrc:

  • -m to use Alt+key rather than Ctrl-A and then the key
  • -c on to see those pretty colors

Which will look like

MINICOM='-m -c on'
export MINICOM

And then it Just Works…