Useful, Albeit Incorrect, Sherline Wrench Sizes

My Sherline mill has inch sized fittings, but a couple of metric wrenches from the junk box reduced the workbench clutter …

Double open 10 + 11 mm:

  • 10 mm = 10-32 nuts for step clamps (really 3/8 inch)
  • 11 mm = small drawbar bolt (really 7/16 inch)

Combination 13 mm:

  • 13 mm = large drawbar bolt (really 1/2 inch)

Now, I know full well that applying metric wrenches to inch fittings is a terrible idea, but y’know what? At the torque levels appropriate to Sherline fittings, they work just fine.

One of these days, I’ll be at a garage sale offering some double wrenches in the correct inch sizes …