Repurposing Tomato Cages

Bending tomato cage wires
Bending tomato cage wires

Mary wanted to convert some old tomato cages into flower supports and deer protectors (until the flowers get big enough), by the simple expedient of flipping the cages over with the large end down. She figured we could chop off the wire ends that normally anchor the cages to the ground, then bend them into hooks for secure ground anchors.

I deployed the linesman’s pliers, which only showed that my wire size estimation is grossly underdeveloped. The high-carbon steel wires required bolt cutters… but a few minutes of twang effort scattered two dozen really stiff wires across the patio.

I ran a marker across the pile at the bend point, grabbed two random steel rods in the vise and, in short order, bent up a stack of ground anchors.

Not every job requires G-Code …