How to Solve a Parking Problem

The Walkway Over the Hudson has been a resounding success, at least measured by the number of people using it. The Parker Avenue parking lot has about 80 spaces and, during most days, is jammed full.

The NYS park system now owns the Walkway and, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the parking facilities should have a fee just like the rest of their lots: $5 / 4 hours.

Here’s what the Walkway lot looked like on the day the fee went into effect…

Walkway Parking Lot With Parking Fee In Full Effect
Walkway Parking Lot With Parking Fee In Full Effect

To quote from the Poughkeepsie Journal:

State officials hope there will be no decline in visitors with the new parking fee, said State Parks spokesman Kristen Davidson.

Basically, there’s enough free on-street parking in the area that most folks park nearby and hike in, which makes sense for a park consisting of about two miles of walking path. The parking fee amounts to a tax on handicapped and elderly visitors who find it difficult to navigate streets and ramps.

On the bright side, it’ll be a lot easier to bike across the bridge…