Unit Pricing Obfuscation: Nothing Exceeds Like Excess!

Walmart Tissue Unit Prices
Walmart Tissue Unit Prices

What with this being allergy season, my ladies blew through our tissue stockpile in short order and it’s time to reload. Give that we’re just blowing our noses it in, deluxe-edition tissue paper isn’t a priority, but these Wal-Mart unit-price stickers are not nearly as helpful as they could be…


  • The second label is for a shrink-wrapped block of three boxes.
  • The bottom label is for a name-brand tissue that’s unit-priced per sheet.


  • Which container has the least expensive sheets?
  • The most expensive?
  • Is the 3-pack more or less expensive than a 1-pack?

Essay: why do you think Wal-Mart does this?

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