Continuous Flow Inkjet: Tank Topoff

Just topped off the tanks again…

  • Yellow: 30 ml
  • Light Cyan: 20 ml
  • Cyan: 27 ml
  • Light Magenta: 22 ml
  • Magenta: 30 ml
  • Black: 30 ml

Back in February I added 40 ml to the Black tank.

The odd numbers are what was left in the bottom of the bottles

Memo to Self: That’s about 8 oz = 250 ml of each color and 500 ml of Black since getting the printer in late Dec 2007. Figuring OEM ink at $2/ml: $3500. Current bulk ink cost is on the order of $20/bottle: $140. The continuous ink system was about $50 back then and $100 now.

The backstory.