New Tires For the Van

So I bought 530 bucks worth of new tires for the van; it’s ten years old with 66k on the clock. Picked the most suitable ones:

  • Near the top of the Consumer Reports list
  • Best constellation of features for our use
  • Available at the local tire shop

CR is essentially the only place that does actual across-the-board tests; you can disagree with their methodology, but it’s pretty much the only game in town.

I wound up at the local tire shop after bouncing off one of the online sources. In this case, tire + shipping + installation costs more online; the local shop was one of the online source’s installers.

So I went direct. They’re aboveboard: the balance + installation charge is the same no matter where the tires come from.

Had a 10:00 appointment and it took 90 minutes to get out of the shop. Not impressed.

The tire pressure monitor light came on halfway home. Well, OK, maybe it’s noticed the tires are bigger? But it’s a differential rotation counter, sooo… that’s not the problem.

Checked the pressure after letting the tires cool off for a few hours.

  • 37 – Left rear
  • 32 – Right rear
  • 40 – Left front
  • 34 – Right front

The pressure monitor was definitely doing its job!

Adjusted them all to 36 psi (hard, but we’ll see how it rides), reset the monitor, and it’s all good.

Factory trained and certified mechanics, my obscene-gerund deleted-noun.

Oh, and the lug nuts were evidently tightened by Andre the Giant… gotta break those suckers free before we do much more driving!