Bike Tube Pinhole

Bike tube pinhole defect
Bike tube pinhole defect

Went to roll the bike out of the garage and the rear tire was dead flat. You don’t even need to look at the tire, you just instantly know something’s wrong: the bike feels funny with a flat tire.

The picture shows the problem: a pinhole in the tube. Nothing penetrated the tire, nothing went wrong with the tire liner (you can see this was a few mm from the edge, so it’s not an abrasion flat), there are no problems anywhere. Just a tiny hole in the tube.

As nearly as I can tell, the tube simply failed at that point, without any external aggravation.

Popped in another tube and it’s all good, but … I guess it’s time to buy some new tubes: the new one came from a box dated May 90.

Finding a flat in the garage is much much better than finding a flat on the road.